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Pilates Central was inspired by the need for a studio which incorporated a straightforward, holistic approach, with a range of functional movement incorporating strength, agility and grace.


What began as an “insider” secret amongst dancers and athletes is now enjoyed by millions. Pilates is incredibly popular and the main reason for its extraordinary appeal is that it is a mode of exercise with no barriers on age, sporting or physical ability, and is even possible during pregnancy. It is a low-impact exercise focusing on elongating, strengthening and encouraging good posture and muscle elasticity.

The most important aspect of Pilates is using specific movements to strengthen the core postural muscles which provide spinal support, to keep the body well balanced. Here at Pilates Central we run Pilates-equipment-based classes, Pre and Post-Natal sessions and post-rehab maintenance sessions.

For more on Pilates, head to www.pilates.com


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® offers a unique, holistic approach to movement. Creator, Juliu Horvath, originated a three-dimensional system using pulleys and weights, based on movement to target every part of the body. The benefits of regular GYROTONIC® practice include; a healthier, more supple spine, increased range of motion, greater joint stability, improved agility and athletic performance, and a deep internal strength. At Pilates Central we offer personalised sessions adapted to fit the needs of all ages and abilities; from patients recovering from injury, to professional athletes.

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Chronic repetitive strain, injury, surgery, stress, poor posture or structure imbalance can cause dysfunction and imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. When left untreated, these issues can result in localised or radiating pain, limitation in movement, muscle weakness and potentially affect a person’s overall health. Physiotherapy is to help those who are affected to achieve their optimum functional level and structural balance in the body.

Physiotherapy treatment at Pilates Central focuses on personalised treatment plans. The one-on-one sessions help to assess the symptomatic area and also the body structure of a patient in order to diagnose the problems. Treatment approaches are joint mobilisation, myofascial released, deep friction massage, neural and visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage etc to meet the variations in each individual’s need.


Pilates Central offers the opportunity to train as GYROTONIC® and Pilates instructors. While learning and progressing through the different levels of certification, trainee instructors are encouraged to practise their skills at the studio by teaching classes. Additional courses from a range of exercise methods are also offered by visiting master trainers from around the world.

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