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What began as an "insider" secret among dancers and athletes is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions. Pilates is incredibly popular and the main reason for its extraordinary appeal is that it is a mode of exercise with no barriers on age and sporting / physical ability and is even possible during pregnancy. It is a low-impact exercise focusing on elongating, strengthening and encouraging good posture and muscle elasticity.

The most important aspect of Pilates is using specific movements to strengthen the core postural muscles which provide spinal support, to keep the body well balanced. Here at Pilates Central both mat and Pilates-equipment-based classes are available.

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GYROTONIC® exercises are an amalgamation of several types of sporting activities including gymnastics, dance, swimming and yoga. Creator Juliu Horvath originated a three-dimensional system using pulleys and weights, based on movements to target every part of the body, inciting strength, coordination and flexibility of the spine. Pilates Central offers GYROTONIC® sessions utilising specialised equipment like pulley towers. 2009 will see the inclusion of more dedicated equipment to improve and facilitate classes.

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Pioneered by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1950s, Rolfing® is a form of hands-on manipulation and movement education which balances and improves body posture, alignment and flexibility by focusing on the myo-fascial structure of the body. Fascia is the web-like membrane which surrounds every joint, muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve and organ in the body. It plays an important role in maintaining correct posture and movement. The belief is that if your body is badly aligned, your health suffers.

Rolfing® sessions comprise hands-on applied pressure using fingertips, hands, knuckles and elbows. This combined with synchronised movements of the client eases restricted tissue and restores elasticity. Sessions usually last between 75 and 90 minutes and results are cumulative with the effects usually felt immediately. Pilates Central's resident Rolfer® May Chin, studied at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Colorado and at the Australian Rolfing Institute, and also has a diploma in Remedial Massage.

For more information on this therapy, go to www.rolfing.com.my

Neuromuscular and Sports Massage therapy

Neuromuscular and sports massage is a form of deep-tissue massage on individual muscles or trigger points. By focusing on these areas, this sort of therapy reduces pain and can aid in correcting postural problems. Pilates Central's visiting therapist Stephen Kirwin is not only highly experienced but has worked extensively in the region and is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

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Education / Training

Pilates Central offers the opportunity to take courses with the view of becoming a Pilates instructor using modules from the Balanced Body University. While learning and progressing through the different levels of certification, trainee instructors are encouraged to practise their skills at the studio by teaching classes. Other courses over the range of exercise methods are also offered by visiting therapists from around the world.

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